Search the natural beauty, enjoy the challenge and discover the unique thrill and adventure tourism experiences that you have not felt at the “Mount Rinjani National Park”. Famed for its great beauty and eerie isolation – surely one of the most magnificent volcanoes of the Indonesian archipelago – Mount Rinjani towers over every corner of the Lombok, the first in Indonesia’s exotic southeastern island chain.
With its fertile alluvial plains, evergreen rainforests and picturesque, finely crafted rice terraces sloping down to the sea, this non-commercialized island lies just east,
This trough marks the legendary Wallace Line, the literal divide between Asia and Australia, the storied faunal realm of Wallacea.
The whole island of Lombok is dominated by the monolithic, reticular-ringed Rinjani which rises in solitary glory 3,726 meters above sea level(12,224 ft), the second highest volcanic peak of Indonesia’s celebrated “ring of fire”, making it the third-largest volcano in Indonesia. The first historical eruption occurred in September of 1847. The volcano, and its sacred, and spectacular Segaraanak crater lake, are protected by a national park established in 1997. The 6 km by 8.5 km oval-shaped caldera is filled partially by a lake known as SegaraAnak. The eruptions of 1994, 1995, and 1996 have formed a small cone in the center of the caldera and lava flows from these eruptions have entered the lake.
The sacred mountain is a major pilgrimage destination for thousands of Hindu Balinese and the native Muslim Sasaks, the island’s two main ethnic groups who offer up rice, fish and betelnut to the deities of the lake and mountain twice a year. Imbued with curative powers, the hotsprings below the crater rim are believed to be able to regenerate body and soul.